Winter Dry Skin Remedies

Winter Dry Skin Remedies

Winter season is full of festivities and most people are busy and excited organizing parties for the holidays. But some people are not happy with the coldness of winter season due to skin issues. They start stocking up skincare products that helps avoid dry skin like lotions, moisturizers, soaps and washes. But the best way to prevent winter skin problems is to know where to start the proper skincare and what winter dry skin remedies works best.

During winter, it's possible to keep the skin glowing and healthy all season long. You can prevent your skin from getting dry and flaky during the cold season by doing a healthier skincare regimen all throughout the season until spring. Here are tips some winter dry skin remedies to prevent and fight dry skin that you can follow.

Cleansing Skin

A hot shower after being in the cold is something that most look forward to, but hot water is actually not good for the skin during winter. It can actually cause more dehydration than the winter air. It can also cause cracked hands and skin irritation. For skin cleansing, warm water is better than hot water for the skin and even your hair.

When looking the right skin soap, choose natural soap that can help valance and soothe skin. All-natural soap contains oils that help encourage healthy skin and helps the skin retain its moisture.

After showering, lightly pat your skin dry instead of wiping the water away with the towel. This can help prevent from harming healthy skin cells that are so sensitive from the cold air.

Use Creamier Moisturizer & Thicker Oil

During the cold months, thick moisturizer really works best. It helps lock in the moisture to prevent skin dryness during the cold days. Try to find a cream or moisturizer that contains natural ingredients that helps repair skin such as Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil, Vitamin B5 and Hyaluronic Acid that helps boost skins moisture retention. Oils also are good as skin moisturizers and protectors. Argan oil and Castor oil are thicker oils that are perfect for full body use. These oils are also rich in essential fatty acids that do wonders in all skin types and treat ailments. You can apply oil generously on your slightly damp skin after shower to keep your skin feeling smooth and soft.

Use Natural Ingredients to Fight Skin Irritation and Inflammation

Inflamed and irritated skin can be treated by oatmeal and milk. These are natural ingredients that are usually found in your pantry or kitchen. To get rid of red and itchy skin, the best and safe ways to get rid of them is to apply a mixture of oatmeal and milk. Just apply the mixture to the affected areas to reduce redness and soothe skin.

Protect Skin from the Damaging Cold

Before heading out, protect your skin from simply covering up. Your skin should be shielded from the cold by wearing coat, gloves, scarves and other winter accessories. Don't forget to use oils and moisturizers before covering up to keep the skin moisture in.

Skincare Routine is the Key to a Healthy Skin

You should be dedicated in maintaining your skin health all throughout the winter season to avoid skin dryness and other winter skin issues. Avoid using skincare products that contain harsh ingredients that can cause dry skin further.

Always find time throughout the day to re-apply cream or moisturizer to further protect  your skin from getting dry from cold air.

The bottom line is your skin needs tender love and care. Your skin need to be nourished by using natural skincare products. Most products sold in the market to cure dry skin contain chemicals that are dangerous to the skin. They can actually dry your skin further and can even do damage to the skin. When looking for skincare products, choose the natural skincare products that contain natural ingredients. Using skincare products that are natural can help to gently heal, soften and treat skin.  You need winter dry skin remedies to prevent skin issues during cold season.

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