Tips on How to Wash your Face Properly

Tips on How to Wash your Face Properly

Washing your face may sound so simple, but if you want to deeply remove all the dirt from your skin, you will need time and patience. Washing your face correctly means washing it thoroughly and properly. Here's the best way on how to wash your face correctly.

Steps to Properly Wash your Face


  1. To remove makeup easily, apply oil first after splashing water on your face. Oil helps remove makeup easily from your skin.
  2. Rinse your face with lukewarm water. The lukewarm water opens your skin pores and removes the dirt that clogged into the pores.
  3. Apply the facial wash all over and massage your face. Add water slowly to make a lather and keep your face lower in the sink or basin. Gently massage your skin and the muscles below the skin to make your face more relaxed. Start with your nose and move outward to your cheekbones. Make circular gentle massage around your eyes and work outward on your forehead, down around the ears and jawline and down the neck.
  4. Rinse your hands with tap water and remove the cleanser from your forehead down your neck. This pattern can be repeated multiple times until the cleanser is thoroughly removed from your skin.
  5. In order to remove make-up thoroughly from your skin, get a muslin cloth, soak it in lukewarm water, remove the water and gently pat your face to remove remaining make-up and dirt. Some people put the cloth on their face for 2 minutes and remove it.
  6. When your face is thoroughly clean, pat dry using a dry and soft towel. Then you can proceed with your other skincare regimen like applying skin toner, Vitamin C Serum and skin cream or moisturizer.

Washing your face is just the first step in keeping your skin clean. There are also other skincare regimens that you must add on your list if you want to maintain healthy and beautiful skin. And to add more, you need to have a healthy lifestyle as well. The best way to cleanse your face thoroughly is to follow the steps above and figure out what facial wash is suitable to your skin and how often you wash your face. And the best times to wash your face are in the morning and evening before you go to sleep.



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