Tips on How to Keep Skin Fresh This Summer

Tips on How to Keep Skin Fresh This Summer

Summer is always welcomed with fun and excitement, except for the oil and shine that it leaves on your skin. During summer, heat and humidity level rises and it signals the oil glands produce more oil. The excess oil and the bacteria from free radicals clogs the pores and it can cause breakouts on the facial skin, back and chest.

During the summer months, the hot weather can make the skin drier, especially if you live in place with a drier climate. Not only that, spending more time in a chlorinated pool or in the beach with salty air and water. It will leave your skin and hair drier and sticky.  

To maintain your skin's freshness and protect your skin from the summer's heat and humidity, switch up your skincare routine. Here are tips on how keep skin fresh this summer.

Wear Sun Protection All the Time

Wearing sun protection or sunscreen every day is essential and you have to choose the one with higher SPF. During summer, you tend to spend most of your time outdoors, always make sure your skin is protected even when it's cloudy. Sunscreen should not be worn only during summer; it should be worn all year.

Skin Exfoliation is Essential

Just like the winter season, skin exfoliation is also essential during summer. Both these seasons can make your skin drier and your skin is prone to collect more dead skin cells and you need to get rid of them. Lack of skin exfoliation during summer can cause clogged pores due to excess oil produced by oil gland and it can eventually lead to acne breakout. Skin exfoliation can make the skin looks radiant and smooth.

Use Oil-free Beauty and Skincare Products

Summer's heat and humidity can make you more sweat and it can make your skin more prone to bacteria and oil that might clog to your skin. This can cause breakouts and blemishes. To prevent this skin condition, switch your beauty and skincare products to non-comedogenic (or oil-free).

Moisturizer is a Must

Due to summer’s heat and humidity, people tend to spend more time soaking in the pool or beach. Chlorinated water and salty water can actually dry out your skin. For this reason, don't forget to use moisturizer. Look for a lightweight moisturizer suitable for summer that can't give you skin a sticky feeling.

Treat Sunburns

Sometimes, even using when you used sun care protection or sunscreen, it's still possible that your skin get sunburn during summer. If you see red and blotchy on your skin, get out of the sun as soon as possible. Treat the sunburn immediately with hydrocortisone ointment or Aloe Vera on the sunburn. Make sure that you use sunburn ointment that does not contain alcohol that could irritate your skin.

Summer is a perfect time to enjoy the sun and flaunt beautiful dresses and bikinis. But summer is also a high time to pay attention to your skin. Your skin needs sun protection from the heat and humidity, for it can cause a severe damage to your skin. The harsh weather can tan the skin and cause clogged pores due to excessive sweating and dead skin cells. To protect your skin you need to switch your skincare products and skincare routine suitable to summer season.

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