Tips on How to Avoid Summer Skin Irritation

Tips on How to Avoid Summer Skin Irritation

Sunburn is not just the most common skin problems during summer. Sun's UV rays is dangerous, unforgiving and it brings several summer skin irritations that most people of all ages suffer.  The summer heat can usually cause skin problems like eczema, fine lines, freckles, sunburn, sunspots, wrinkles and even c skin cancer. That's why during summer season most people wear sunscreen and creams with SPF of at least 15 to prevent sunburn and other skin irritations.  

Here are some summer skin irritations that commonly pop up during the hot season and some tips on how to prevent them.

Bacterial Skin Infections

During the summer months, bacterial infections are very common. Folliculitis is one of the most common bacterial infections that people common. This bacterial infection can cause itchiness and burning skin. It can also lead to unpleasant skin pustules around the shoulders or thighs. To prevent bacterial infections, you should wear clothes with breathable fabric and maintain good hygiene. Antibacterial soaps and shampoos will help prevent this kind of summer skin infection.

Bug Bites

One of the most common skin problems that people suffer during summer is bug bites. They are annoying, itchy and some can even cause Lyme disease. To prevent bug bites especially kids, apply bug repellants when you go outdoors like camping, picnic, going to the park or even just going outside the house to play. Citronella candles are also good in getting rid of bugs when you have plans to sit outside your patio or have dinner outside your house.

Molluscum Virus

Another skin infection during summer is molluscum virus, especially on children. This type of infection can cause tan bumps on different parts of the body. This virus is commonly found in chlorinated water like swimming pools. To avoid this virus, you should limit exposure to chlorinated water and make sure that you're soaking in a clean pool and free from molluscum.

Poison Rash

This skin problem or rash is commonly known as contact dermatitis. This is commonly caused when a person get contacts with a poison ivy or poison oak. This rash is very annoying, itchy and very dangerous to the skin. It's redness may just look like a common allergic reaction, but it can get worse. Your skin will get blisters and flaking or even worse than that. To prevent this kind of rash, avoid places with lavender, poison oak and wild daffodils. If you're hiking to an area where there are plants like these, make sure that you cover up your skin with proper clothing.

Yeast Skin Infections

This yeast infection is also known as tinea versicolor and is very common in humid areas. Back and chest scaly patches and they may also appear tanner than the rest of the skin on your entire body. Moisture and sweat is the major cause of yeast infection, that's why this is very common during summer. You can prevent yeast infection by being impeccably hygienic. That's why don't let sweat sit on your body for a long time, dry it out immediately. Shower at least twice a day when you get sweaty after any physical exercises. To prevent more, look for soaps that contain pyrithione zinc.

Summer season is a perfect time to spend outdoors, but sun exposure and spending more time outdoors can cause some summer skin irritations. An itchy rash or sunburned skin can ruin summer fun, so make sure you make precautions to avoid skin problems this time of season. You can keep your days fun and exciting by learning some of the most common summer skin problems that occurs and tips on how to prevent them.

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