The Right Skincare during Menopause

The Right Skincare during Menopause

Menopause can be frightening and it's a phase in life that can't be avoided. It's just the end of one phase, but it's the beginning of something bold, exciting and new. Older women who have passed menopausal stage become stronger. It just proves that each new stage of life always brings new possibilities.

The average age for menopausal period is 51 and women encountered changes like hormonal changes and it depletes skin's resources.  About 85% of women experience hormonal fluctuations and these go on up to three years. Menopausal period can be completed after 12 consecutive months without menstruation period. Menopause affects your skin in several ways because your body produces low levels of estrogen and progesterone during this period. During this pivotal time, one should take care of the skin. However, every woman’s skin reacts differently from these changes.


Big Effects of Menopause on Skin:


  1. Decrease in collagen production. The estrogen helps stimulation of collagen production, maturation and turnover. If estrogen level is low, collagen level decreases and it causes thinning of the skin.
  2. Decrease fat storage under the skin. A high level of fat under the skin is due to high levels of estrogen. The skin tends to sag if there's a decrease level of fat under the skin.
  3. Dehydration. Decrease in estrogen leads to decrease hydration or loss of water content. Estrogen helps increase water content of the epidermis and dermis layers as well as promotes hyaluronic acid production.
  4. Increased pigmentation. Due to hormonal fluctuation and the changing balance between estrogen and progestin, age spots developed.

    The best way to prepare your skin for the devastating effects of menopause, you have to develop a skincare regimen that would help strengthen and nourishes your skin at the deep levels.

    • Maintain the skin's water content with humectants.
    • Stimulate the synthesis of collagen.
    • Protect your skin from UV rays, pollutants and other environmental factors that helps speed aging process.
    • Use natural and organic skincare products that helps maintain skin's moisture like Vitamin A that can show powerful results if used regularly.
    • Practice a healthy diet to nourish your skin from the inside-out. Your body needs the right nutrients and vitamins to produce estrogen to maintain your skin's health as well as your entire body.
    • Stay hydrated. Drink more water to keep your skin's moisture all the time.

    Menopause is just a phase that both men and women have to go through. Most people fear this stage, but it's not that scary. You can prevent the devastating effects on skin by practicing some skincare habits. Also, practicing a healthy lifestyle habit by having a regular exercise and keeping hydrated at al times can help keeping and looking younger than your age after menopause.


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