The Best Way to Take Care of your Skin during Lockdown

The Best Way to Take Care of your Skin during Lockdown

The world is in crisis right now due to COVID-19 Pandemic. Everyone, no matter what country you're in is locked up at home to be safe. We are bored to wits and we need something to do to uplift our spirits. Being at home for a prolonged period is not easy to go through, but we need to think of ways to kill the boredom and one simple way that could help change our mood is looking after ourselves.

Staying at home doesn't mean we have to stop our routine like doing exercise or doing our skincare routine. Lack of physical activity can cause body stiffness, mood swings, and dull skin. So skincare is a good start. We could use a natural skincare remedy at home to rejuvenate our skin. Check out the best skincare tips below.

Do some exercise to have glowing skin. Metabolism can greatly affect your skin condition. You can do some exercise at home like going up and down the stairs for 20 minutes. It's a good workout and it will help you sweat out toxins, antioxidants circulation in the body and flex some muscles to avoid stiffness.

Eat a healthy diet. If you want to have healthy skin, avoid eating processed foods. They are not good for the skin and body. Fresh fruits and vegetables can help boost your immune system, especially this time. You need lots of Vitamin C and Zinc to stay healthy and also helps protect skin from the sun and environmental damage. They can help hydrate your skin. It’s very important that you practice a healthy lifestyle if you want to have youthful skin and body.

Use natural skincare products. During this time, it's better to use natural skincare products or better yet homemade skincare instead of the ones you buy in the drugstore. You can also make your own facial cleanser, facial scrubs or face masks out of some ingredients available in your kitchen like oats and fresh milk. Check out some natural skincare recipes here:

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Use sunscreen when you go out. It’s springtime, the sun is up and the spring flowers are in bloom. It’s fun to spend some time outdoors in your backyard and have a picnic with your family. But before you go out, make sure that you apply some sunscreen to avoid sunburn.

Drink plenty of water. Water is essential to keep your body and skin healthy. It helps flush out toxins out of your body keep your skin cells hydrated. It also helps moisturize your skin, especially during warmer months. Drink plenty of water to keep your body as well as skin hydrated.

And lastly, the most important tip - stay at home, wash your hands all the time, disinfect your surrounding and pray that this crisis will end soon. In the meantime, just make most of your time doing things you used to neglect when you were busy, keep safe and stay at home with your family.

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