Summer Skincare Tips

Summer Skincare Tips

Summer is a relaxing time at the beach or anywhere under the heat of the sun. Summer sun is fun, but you need to protect your skin from the UV rays to prevent skin problems such as sunburn, dryness, eczema and other skin problems that might occur from the heat. Your skin's needs changes as the season change and you need an effective skincare routine. Here are some summer skincare tips to keep your skin healthy and fresh all season long.

Use Moisturizer

Don't skip using moisturizer; it's important that you use it daily all year long. With intense heat and humidity during summer season, you need to prevent skin from getting dry - for it can cause eczema. If your skin gets oilier because of the warm temperature, switch to an oil-free lotion. Also, make are that your moisturizer and lotion has SPF. For sensitive skin type and acne prone skin, look for skincare that are suitable for your skin type.

Use Skin Exfoliator

The key to remove dead skin cells is skin exfoliation, but during summer season, do it lesser than winter season. Over skin exfoliation is not good for the skin, it can damage skin barrier that protects skin from bacteria and free radicals. Skin exfoliation effects are crucial especially if you spend a lot of time under the sun. It increases skin's sun-sensitivity that can lead to dryness and inflammation. Just exfoliate twice a week by using gentle facial scrub. Also, make sure that you stop using acid exfoliator a few days before going on a summer trip to prevent skin irritation. Don't forget to use SPF every day!

Use Facial Mask

During summer season, it's important that you use skin mask in order to absorb excess oil, calm heat-induced redness or deliver hydration to the skin. Skin mask can help give your skin an extra moisturizing boost. Clay mask is beneficial to the skin for oil absorption and pore-clearing. Cream mask can give enough moisture for parched skin and gel mask can help reduce skin redness and sensitivity by temporarily lowering skin's temperature.

Dark Spot Corrector

During summer, pesky brown spots tend to increase. The heat and the sunlight increase melanin production, which causes skin discoloration. It's important that you keep your skin cool and protected from Sun's UV rays during warmer months. You can add a serum with skin-lightening into your routine. Apply the serum right after applying moisturizer with SPF for added sun protection.

Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential during summer to protect your skin, not just your facial skin. Look for chemical-free sunscreen suitable for your skin type to prevent breakouts. Always bring your sunscreen wherever you go. For added protection, apply on your face, neck, chest, arms and legs.

In order to have relaxing and enjoyable summer vacation, keep all these things in mind. This summer skincare routine can surely help make your skin glow and healthy all season long.

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