Sonic Facial Brush: How to Properly Use it

Sonic Facial Brush: How to Properly Use it

Facial cleansing brushes are trending today. Today, they are called, the "holy grail for skincare". Sonic facial brush is one of those cleansing brushes that are commonly used today and is considered to be a deep cleanser and exfoliator that will give the skin a glowing and flawless complexion. It is also known to remove dirt while giving your face a satisfying massage as it works. However, a dermatologist noted that any cleansing brush is suitable only to more robust skin types and not for sensitive skin type. To people with sensitive skin, they better use gentle manual cleansing.  

Sonic facial brush is a facial skin cleansing tool that removes any trace of dirt and makeup and leaves your skin deep-cleaned. Its bristles can effectively remove lingering dirt and oil from the skin pores that can't be removed by your hands or washcloth. A medical aesthetician and facialist explained that before using the cleansing brush, make sure that your skin is coated foaming cleanser and wet the brush bristles first. Use the brush upward in circular movement across the chin, jawline, cheeks, nose and forehead. This movement helps encourage blood flow and lymph drainage.

This facial brush is pretty simple to use, but here are some tips on how to get the best results out of this facial cleansing tool.


Tips on How to Properly Use Sonic Facial Brush

  • Let the brush head glide over the skin surface, rather than pressing it too hard. Pushing the brush head into the skin can cause skin abrasion especially for sensitive skin type. Facial brush is meant to give your skin a deep cleanse and not to entirely scrub away the outer layer of the skin. The oscillations of the brush have been designed for deep cleansing, so if you pushed the head down, it can damaged the outer layer of the skin.
  • Before using your facial brush, make sure that you wet it with enough water as well as your face with enough facial cleanser. The bristles of the brush need to be soaked with water then your face with liquid cleanser. If you feel that your cleansing brush is harsh to your skin, it is not wet enough.
  • Use the right brush head. Sensitive skin type should be more careful, they should ensure that the bristles they are using are not harsh as well as the vibrations should not be strong. Facial brushes in the market today have multiple brush options as well as vibration speeds.
  • If your skin breaks out after your first use, don't give up. It has been noted that some users noticed some spots after the first week usage. This is normal; it's caused by the deep cleansing effect. Bacteria and toxins come out of the surface which is called, 'transient acne'. However, these spots or acne will disappear quickly. Just ensure that your brush is thoroughly cleaned after used and make sure that you set the speed to slow in the first week. Your skin will eventually clear up and used to the powerful deep cleansing of this tool.

Having a thoroughly cleansed skin and flawless complexion is not that easy. Today, skincare experts have developed a facial brush cleanser, a deep skin cleanser that totally removes dirt, oil and bacteria from your skin. It can thoroughly clean your skin pores six times deeper than using your hands or washcloth. It can totally help with skin exfoliation without using harsh chemicals.

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