Skincare Tips for Every Age

Skincare Tips for Every Age

Skin changes as you age as well as skincare. To slow down skin aging and to have a youthful complexion, it's important that you should have a skincare routine.  Skincare is a must for every age, whether you're at 20s or 50s. Here are essential skincare tips on how to minimize skin aging due to environmental damage and how to keep your skin youthful.

Skincare for Teens

Teenage is the time when your growth hormones starts and this is the time when acne and eczema start to show. During this stage you start to discover yourself and deal with homework and all. As early as teenage year, you should start taking care of your skin. A skincare routine for teens is important by making sure that you wash your skin daily to remove dirt and excess oil. Also, make sure that you put on sunscreen before you hang out outdoors with your friends. UV rays can cause premature aging and if you don't put enough sunscreen or SPF to your skin, your skin will suffer as you age.  Also, at this age, enough sleep is important for your growth hormones as well as your skin.

Skincare for 20s

When you are in 20s, you should not take your skin for granted. You should make sure that your skin is protected from getting damaged that could cause early signs of aging. You need a skincare routine that would help protect your skin from Sun's UV rays that could cause dark spots and wrinkles. You should apply sunscreen and skincare products that contain SPF every time you go out. Drink plenty of water to rehydrate your skin. Make a habit to clean your skin to get rid of dirt that could cause breakout and moisturize it. And get plenty of sleep every night, 7 to 9 hours is recommended.

Skincare for 30s

When you are in your 30s, your skin needs slightly stronger skincare products to exfoliate your skin. An eye cream is also needed to keep the skin around your eyes hydrated and to prevent wrinkles from developing. You should use it in the morning and at night before going to sleep. Also, it's important that you apply skin moisturizer with SPF before applying sunscreen to keep your skin soft.

Skincare for 40s

When you are in your 40s, your skin needs a gentle skincare. Basic skin cleanser is need to clean your skin and a facial cleansing brush to get rid of dry skin. Continue to use sunscreen to avoid sun damage. Also, don't forget to drink plenty of water and have enough sleep for your overall health.

Skincare for 50s

In your 50s and onward, your skin's collagen supply will decline rapidly. This is a very crucial time for your skin that's why you need to focus on hydration and repair. You need a crucial skincare, age spots will finally appear, spider veins, your skin will lose its luster and elasticity and enlarged pores will be noticeable too. That's why you need to make sure that your skin is clean and hydrate it often by using cream or serum to keep the moisture. Also, plenty of water is essential to seal the moisture in your skin. Sunscreen is very important to prevent from more sun damage. And lastly, have plenty of sleep.

No matter what age or life stage you are at, always remember that a healthy skin is as important as your overall health. When you're not healthy, it would be visible on your skin. To support a healthy skincare routine, a healthy lifestyle is essential. Make sure to get plenty of exercise and sleep. Also, a healthy diet and plenty of water is important to keep your skin healthy as you age.




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