Skincare Routine: Basic Skincare Layering Tips

Skincare Routine: Basic Skincare Layering Tips

Having a skincare routine should not be that complicated. However, due to a lot of skincare product options available in the market today, including facial cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and many more, figuring out how and when to apply these products can be confusing.

So instead of just applying everything on your face, here are some basic skincare layering tips from the experts.

Facial Cleanser

It’s important that you remove first all the makeup and dirt from your skin before you apply more skincare products on your skin. Makeup and dirt can clog in your skin pores, and your skin can’t absorb any skincare products that you will apply on if they can’t be removed.


The Serum is the lightest skincare product, so it should go first. It helps deliver active ingredients into the skin efficiently.


Vitamin C is an antioxidant and every skin type need it. Vitamin C Serum helps brighten the skin, protect it against sun damage, and stimulates collagen production.

Skin Toner

Toner helps remove dead skin cells so that skin moisturizer can penetrate better in your skin.


Moisturizer not only just moisturize your skin, but it helps serum penetrate better in your skin.

Face Oils

Facial oils can help make the skin more radiant. Just apply small doses on dry areas after applying moisturizer. Look for face oils that contain jojoba oils or sunflower-seed for more beautiful skin.


Sunscreen is essential during day time. In the morning after you have applied all your skincare products, the sunscreen should be the last - it protects your skin against sun damage.


Ending your nighttime routine with an 8-hour sleep is the best TLC that you can give to your skin. When you sleep, your skin cells rejuvenate and absorb all the skincare ingredients in your skin.

A skincare routine is essential, and it's not that complicated at all if you know how to layer the skincare products on your skin correctly. Instead of just slapping any skincare products on your skin, consider this comprehensive guide on how to layer skincare products on your skin in the correct order.

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