Natural Skin Cleansers for Beautiful Skin

Natural Skin Cleansers for Beautiful Skin

Looking for a skin cleanser that is suitable on your skin type is challenging. Not all skin cleansers sold in the market are suitable for all skin type. Sometimes, instead of making your skin beautiful, they can irritate a sensitive skin. Natural skin care products are the best for sensitive skin type. They contain organic ingredients and they use plant-based formulas. They can help keep the skin glowing, healthy and hydrated. No matter what your skin type, natural skin cleansers and other natural skincare products are safe for your health and the environment.  

When looking for natural skin cleansers, make sure that they are:

  • Approved by dermatologist.
  • They are economical.
  • They contain natural ingredients. Most natural skin products contain organic oils like cocoa butter, coconut, jojoba oils, olive and palm. You can also find guar gum, organic aloe, rosemary extract and vegetable glycerin.

To make your skin glow and beautiful all year round, here are natural skin cleansers that you can try at home.

  • Tomatoes

  • Tomatoes are one of the most effective natural skincare ingredients. Tomatoes can be used as skin cleansers by slicing the tomato half and rub a cold tomato on your skin, leave it for a while and rinse it off. Tomato can help clean your skin and can help tighten skin pores.

  • Papaya


    A mashed papaya mix with oatmeal and with a little milk can do magic to your skin. Just scrub the mixture on your face and neck and rinse it off.  Due to papaya’s natural enzyme, it can help cleanse the skin, reduce tan and dark patches.

  • Lemon and Orange Peel

  • Here's a recipe for skin cleansing and this is best for a dry skin.

    Lemon juice - 1/2 Lemon

    10 teaspoon almond oil

    10 teaspoon olive oil

    To use:

    • 1 teaspoon at a time and add powdered orange peel.
    • Rub gently on the skin, including the area around the eyes.

    This skin cleanser mixture can help remove dirt and grim and gradually exfoliate the skin.

  • Strawberries

    For an oily skin, a mashed strawberry is a perfect ingredient. Strawberry is good for the skin for it contains natural enzymes. For the mixture, just mash three strawberries, rub it onto t skin, leave on for 5 minutes and rinse it off. It can help soften the skin, looks brighter and an extra dose of vitamin C.

  • Yoghurt

    Yogurt is a great skin cleanser and helps prevent skin damage due to free radicals and sun's UV rays. Massage your skin with 2 teaspoon of yogurt daily at night and rinse it off.

    You can never go wrong with natural ingredients, for they are safe to both human and animals and including the environment. For a better and glowing skin, use natural skin cleansers that contain natural ingredients. They are suitable to all skin, especially to sensitive skin type. You can even create your own mixture of natural skin cleanser to cleanse your skin and remove dirt from your skin and pores.

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