Key Ingredients of Natural Soaps

Key Ingredients of Natural Soaps

Skin is the largest and exterior organ of the human body. For it is the covering layer of the rest of the body, it is always expose to pollutants like dirt and bacteria. It also absorbs the chemicals from the soaps you use to wash as well as other skin care products. However, most skin soaps that are commercially sold contain harsh chemical ingredients that are harmful to your skin. That's why it's important that you choose the soap that you are going to use to make sure that your skin is clean and healthy at all times. Natural soap has become popular because they contain organic ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. Here are the key ingredients of natural soaps as well as how they are made.

Natural Soap Ingredients

Before using a product, it is important to be educated about the ingredients that it contains. If you want your skin to be clean, fresh and healthy, don’t pollute your skin with harmful chemicals. Most commercially sold skin care products contain ingredients that you can't even pronounce and surely you don't know what they can do to your skin, so it's better to be aware or educated.

  • Essential Oils. Natural soaps that are scented contain essential oils in order to produce natural and harm free scent like chamomile, lavender and other natural scents that are harmless to the skin.
  • Healthy oils. Oil is an essential ingredient in all soap despite the beliefs that it is not advisable for oily and acne prone skin. Most soaps especially natural soaps contain natural oils such as coconut oil, grape seed oil or olive oil to help moisturize and nourish skin to bring back skin's natural PH levels.
  • Organic ingredients. Natural soaps also contain organic and biodegradable ingredients that are organically produced and harvested and in the safest way possible. Unlike the chemicals that are used for most commercial soaps, consumer for natural soaps are well aware of the benefits of the soaps that they are using because of these organic ingredients. And consumers are also sure that they are using a safe and healthy product.


How Natural Soaps are Made

Soaps can be made in different ways, it only depends on what soap they are making. The way each soap produce and the environment they are made can affect on the quality and the benefit of the soap.

  • Handmade. Today, handmade natural soaps become popular because it's easy, enjoyable to make and most ingredients are available in the market or just locally produced. Locally made soaps are usually handmade and the sellers are also the producers, so you can ensure that their soaps are really natural because you can personally ask them about the ingredients and how they make it.
  • Locally produced. Natural soaps are usually produced and sold with fresh ingredients. The natural soaps that are made by these local producers are surely natural soaps for they are handmade and contain very minimal carbon footprint.
  • Made with care. Most soap companies are interested in making money and they are not willing to commit in using natural soap making as well as organic ingredients because of the higher cost for mass production. That's the reason why most natural soap lines or even locally produced natural soaps are carefully created by passionate people as well as health and environment conscious people. The made natural soaps to get benefit from the soap and not for the benefit of others.

If you're looking for ways to detox, it's better that you don’t focus only on what you eat, but also make sure that you are using natural skin care products like natural soaps to ensure that your entire body is clean, fresh and free from chemicals. For cleansing your entire body begins with the outside - your skin, which is human body's largest external organ.

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