Is the Skincare Product you are Using Safe and Healthy?

Is the Skincare Product you are Using Safe and Healthy?

Is your skincare product is truly safe for your skin? Today, tons of skincare companies claims that their products are natural, but are they really safe? Health Works Institute and other skincare companies are finding ways to make skincare products safe and healthy aside from giving positive results. They are using truly natural ingredients to make their products healthy and safe for everyone especially sensitive skin type.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and whatever you apply on it will absorb it like a sponge. The skincare products like skin creams, lotions and moisturizers that you slather onto your skin everyday are not safe. They contain chemicals that could harm the outer layer of the skin that supposedly protect your skin. So it's important that anything that you slather on your skin is healthy and safe in order to keep your skin healthy.

Beauty is not just working on the outside, but as well as skin-deep. An average person slathers, rubs and spray more than 5 kinds of skincare products on his body a day. Since the skin absorbs like a sponge, your body absorbs all the chemicals contained by the skincare products that you are using. Even if the cosmetics companies and FDA claims that the chemicals added in these products are safe, they still contain at least a small amount of those dangerous chemicals. And if an average person is using more than 10 products every day, that little amount of chemicals will add up and no one really knows how a little amount of chemicals affect your body over time.  

Here's one of those dangerous chemicals that are commonly used in skincare products, Phthalates. According to research, this chemical is often found in artificial fragrances and this chemical is a class of hormone disruptor which can cause infertility, feminization of baby boys, sperm damage and can be linked to birth defects as well.  

Tips on how to Choose the Non-toxic and Safest Skincare Products

  • Always make sure that you truly buy "Natural". When buying skincare products, make sure you check the ingredients first. It's always important that you should examine the product labels of what you're buying and choosing the best one that is healthy and safe for your skin, but has best results. Don’t be deceived by the label that says, "natural" and all-natural", check the ingredients that it contains and where it is manufactured. It's best if you choose products that are organic and contains locally produced ingredients.
  • Always choose products with non-toxic and recyclable packaging. When buying cosmetics, choose those products with recyclable packaging, they can't leach any toxins into the product it contained.
  • Always choose organic beauty and skincare products. Products that contain organic ingredients are safe and healthy for your skin. Organically grown ingredients are those without any harmful fertilizers and pesticides. They are healthier for your body and for the environment. It is better that you chose those products that are locally made, more likely they use locally produced ingredients from local farmers. To ensure that you are buying an "organic" or biodynamic-certified product, choose those with Demeter USA stamp of approval on the label.
  • Always choose odorless products. Most fragrance additives are toxic. Artificial fragrances usually contain phthalates that could trigger allergic reactions to users and can cause other health issues. You should be aware of the hidden dangers of "fragrance” or "parfum" that are usually listed on the labels beauty and skincare products.

Now that you understand how important and how to choose natural skincare products, start checking labels the next time you buy one. There's nothing wrong of being cautious, it's very important to invest on your health than suffer in the end. To have a beautiful, healthier and glowing skin, always use truly natural skincare products.

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