How to Treat Dry and Cracked Hands This Winter

How to Treat Dry and Cracked Hands This Winter

Winter is the Holiday season and people are busy with parties, but the coldness of winter is wreaking havoc on the skin. The coldness is draining skin moisture and making the skin dry and flaky. Some of the worst effects of winter are dry skin, cracked hands and brittle finger nails. Intense dryness of skin, cracks and peeling can be painful and can make you uncomfortable if not treated immediately.

Tips on How to Have Soft and Smooth Hands

Protecting your hands from getting damaged from the cold winter months can be easy. There are several ways on how retain the moisture, heal chapped skin and repair brittle nails from the coldness of winter. Here are some tips on how to treat dry and cracked hands.

Wash your Hands Properly

Washing your hands frequently every day is just natural and a healthy act, but it dry out your hands. That's why one must practice proper hand washing techniques to keep your skin moist at all times. It's best that you must not wash your hands frequently and be wise when using products that you use to wash or clean your hands. Some products contain chemicals that harsh to the skin. Use natural hand care products that contain natural ingredients like Aloe Vera with natural oils. Organic oils such as argan and castor oils are great in keeping your skin and cuticles soft. They help replenish hands and nails moisture.

Here are some tips on how to wash your hands properly:

  • Use warm water to wash your hands.
  • Use mild-all-natural hand soap to wash your hands.
  • Pat your hands lightly to dry your hands.
  • Use an all-natural hand moisturizer after washing your hands.

Moisturize your Hand Frequently

Moisturizing your skin is very essential especially during winter months. You should moisturize your hands several times a day like you never had before. After washing your hands or after taking a shower, it's important that one should moisturize their skin. Look for moisturizers that are thick and natural to make sure that your hands are safe from harsh chemicals and well moisturized.  

Before going to bed, show your hands some love. Massage your hands with moisturizer or some organic oils before you sleep and cover them with cotton gloves. By doing this often, your hands will regain its moisture and become healthy and smooth again.

Moisturize the Air

Putting an air humidifier in the bedroom is a great way to add moisture to the air. Winter air dries out the exposed skin especially the hands. A humidifier is the best solution to protect hands from becoming irritated and itchy.

During winter, one must be consistently practice hand care routine to prevent dry and cracked hands. Hands are the most exposed and used part of the human body, so it must be treated well especially during winter season. They are usually exposed to harsh air, hot and cold water and harmful chemicals that you apply to your skin. By naturally protecting your hands during winter season can give you soft hands and prevent becoming dry and cracked.


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