How to Prevent Acne Scars

How to Prevent Acne Scars

Acne scar is the result of a swollen lesion or a scar of inflamed blemishes. Acne breakouts occur when the pore or follicle becomes engorged with bacteria, excess oil or dead skin cells. The pore swells and it causes breakout in the follicle wall.

Acne is a common problem and it's temporary, but the treatment and maintenance takes time especially body acne, chronic and severe hormonal acne. One should be careful when treating acne, because acne scars can be permanent, especially acne scars resulted from inflamed pimples or cyst. The damage to the dermis can be repaired by the new collagen fibers formed by the skin. The collagen is the fibrous protein that gives flexibility and strength to the skin. However, the newly repaired skin is not that smooth and flawless anymore. That's why the best way to prevent acne scars is to let the inflammation heal to prevent it from reoccurring.

There are two categories of acne scars, atrophic (caused by loss of tissue) and hypertrophic (caused by an excess of tissue).

There are also four types of acne scars, boxcar, ice pick, keloid and rolling scars. The most common acne scar is atrophic scars or depressed scars. Often acne scar are not like any other scars at all. They are just temporary discoloration of the skin and they will eventually fade on their own.

Tips on How to Acne Scars

Acne scarring can't completely be prevented, but these tips can help minimize acne scars.

  • Treat acne as soon as possible. As soon as acne develops get it under control. Begin the treatment right away. An effective and quick treatment can help prevent acne to develop into a more severe form. Prevent acne breakout and you'll prevent scarring.
  • Reduce acne inflammation. Large and inflamed acne are more likely to leave scars. Your goal is to prevent acne get inflamed and by mistreating it can further irritate it. You should avoid using harsh skincare products and aggressive scrubbing.
  • Avoid squeezing or popping your acne. You should avoid squeezing your acne or pimple. By doing so, it can force the debris go deeper into the dermis, spread infection and worsen the inflammation. Just allow the blemish to heal.
  • Don't pick the scabs. A scab is the “natural bandage” of the skin that protects the wounds as it heals. Picking a scab off the wound before it heals prolongs the healing and can cause scarring.
  • Use Acne treatment suitable for your skin type. For worse acne problem, consult your dermatologist. They know how to treat acne especially for sensitive skin type. Prevent your acne problem by using suitable treatment to prevent ace scars.

Facial acne problem is cause by clogged dirt and bacteria in the skin pores and excess oil. In order to prevent acne from developing into to severe form, one must use an effective and quick treatment and let it heal on its own. Remember, the bigger the blemishes, the larger the scar. So, it's essential to treat acne as early as possible.

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