How Does Sonic Facial Brush Work on the Skin

How Does Sonic Facial Brush Work on the Skin

Cleansing facial brushes such as sonic facial brush is a great beauty tool with rotating bristled heads that helps clean and polish your skin while using your favorite facial wash. Sonic facial brush has taken daily facial regimen to the next level. In the past, hands and washcloth are used in cleaning the face, now this facial brush is more modernized and it can clean the skin thoroughly. It can even remove clogged dirt and oil from the skin pores to prevent acne and pimple breakouts.

Today, the bathroom staples are replaced by interchangeable heads for different skin types and complexion. There are several removable heads like for oily skin, sensitive, that helps extra-exfoliating and hydration. Here are some tips on how to use a sonic facial brush.

Tips on How to Use Sonic Facial Brush Properly

How to Use Sonic Facial Brush

  • It's important that you choose your own brush according to your skin type. Make sure that the brush is not irritating or inflaming your skin.
  • During the first use of the sonic facial brush, it's natural that acne and pimples will breakout. It can also cause flaky skin, because it helps remove the dead skin cells. The dead skin is effectively peeling away. However, if acne and pimples continue to breakout for several days, stop using it for a few days. After a week, slowly use it during your cleansing regime.
  • Regular use of the cleansing brush as part of your evening routine can help achieve best results. However, if used too often, it can break the skin barrier and natural sebum in the skin will be removed. It can increase the production of natural oils and sebum. Your skin will become oilier than before instead of minimizing the oil. That's why it’s advisable that it will be used only once a day.
  • If you have a sensitive skin, avoid over using the cleansing brush for it will become more sensitive. The natural barrier will be broken and the new skin will be more exposed to environmental stresses such as daily dirt, makeup, pollution and weather. Your skin will have an uneven skin tone, dry patches, will become red and irritated, and have itchiness or rashes.
  • Never share your cleansing brush to anyone! If someone uses your brush, there's a tendency that you can get bacteria from their face and will spread on your face and can cause breakouts.
  • It's important that you wash your cleansing brushes properly under running water to remove all the dirt and bacteria that could lead to breakouts and spots. You can also use a gentle alcohol based disinfecting wash once a week to remove all the residue bacteria.
  • Never use your facial brush to different parts of your body, just use it on your facial skin only. This can cause imbalance in bacteria and it can cause skin irritation and breakout.

How Does Sonic Facial Brush Work

Cleaning your facial skin is one of the most crucial steps in skin care routine. This is the reason why cleansing brushes like sonic facial brush are developed. This beauty tool can make facial cleansing more effective. This is a powerful tool for a healthy skin for it can remove all the bacteria clogged in skin pores. They are battery-operated and have interchangeable heads for different skin type. In order to achieve best results with your sonic facial brush, follow the tips above. Make sure that you use your brush carefully, if used wrongly; they can do more harm than good.

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