DIY Beauty Hacks while in Home Isolation

DIY Beauty Hacks while in Home Isolation

According to experts, being in home solation for a prolonged period can give us an "indoor skin". Being stuck indoors for a long time can make your skin dry and irritated. These skin conditions will occur when you seldom take a bath or wash your skin and less exposure to sunlight. Also, air condition and heat can dry out the skin.

To keep your skin healthy, skincare routine, a bit of sunlight and fresh air is a must.  Check out these DIY beauty hacks you can do at home.

TLC to your dry hands

Give your hands some tender love and care. Wash and dry your hands cautiously especially the under rings. Every after wash, make sure you apply a hand cream to keep it moisturized all the time. To rejuvenate your hand skin, mix some avocado and extra virgin olive oil into the hand cream, apply it on your hands and cover with cotton socks all night. It will help rejuvenate the skin.

Make avocado face mask

To nourish your skin, make an avocado face mask. Mash half avocado, 1 teaspoon honey, and mix. Lather on your face, leave for 15 minutes, and remove using a clean, wet cloth.

Get a home tan

An extra color can make your skin glow. You can do a self-tan at home - literally in your backyard or poolside. A little sun is not bad at all, as long as you do it at home. Always remember to use sunscreen to protect your skin.

Let your hair rest from blow-drier and hair straightener.

Since you're staying most of the time at home, let your hair rest from the heat. There’s no need to blow-dry or curl your hair. After a shower, dry your hair with a clean and dry towel, comb it through and let it dry naturally.

Leave your eyebrows and lashes alone

Your brows have suffered enough from pulling, threading, and shaping them. They have been over-plucked, why not let them grow for a while? Salons are closed anyways, so just let them grow. Let your lashes rest from false lashes or tint too.

Skip the nail polish too

Colored nails can brighten up your day, but let your nails rest too. Keep your nails bare for a while. You can also cut your nail short too.  To make your nails healthy, apply some almond oil to your nails at night.

Have plenty of sleep

Now that you'll be working at home, there's no need to get up early to commute or long drive for work, you should be enjoying plenty of sleep. The number one beauty and immunity booster is SLEEP. Sleep early, wake up early, and enjoy a long lie. Now is your chance to catch up with some sleep and plenty of rest. Get a lot of both while you can.

These are just some beauty regime that you should embrace during this COVID-19 quarantine time. Take this time to enjoy the natural beauty. One of the few benefits of this period is not being anxious with make-up and hairstyling.  Your whole body can take a rest from chemicals and stress. Take advantage of this time to get plenty of rest and sleep - that your body has been craving for a long time. These DIY beauty hacks can help you take care of not just your skin and hair, but your entire body naturally.

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