Aloe Vera Cream To Prevent Skin Peeling

Aloe Vera Cream To Prevent Skin Peeling

The key ingredients for a great summer vacation are beach trips and sunbathing. However, too much sun exposure may risk your skin to sunburn and you might experience skin peeling right after especially if you didn’t use sun protection creams on your skin. If ever you used sunscreen and it didn’t do its job in protecting your skin or if you have been exposed to sun too long, it’s likely that you might be dealing with skin peeling.

In that case, you need to keep a skin cream that can helps you deal with skin peeling like, Aloe Vera based cream.

How to Deal With Sunburn Using Aloe Vera Cream

Sunburn Aloe Cram

Sunburn must be treated immediately. An Aloe Vera based cream is a great remedy for sunburn.

  1. Take a cool bath or shower.
  2. Use a cool and wet compress to burnt skin.
  3. Apply Aloe Vera cream generously to the burnt skin.
  4. Keep applying every hour until redness is gone.

With this remedy, it helps reduce the redness of the burnt skin.

Skin peeling doesn’t occur immediately, it usually happens a few days after the sunburn. Sunburn is an unpleasant sight, itchy, messy and unattractive. It starts with a little flaking, then to blistered skin that peels off in sheets.

Skin peeling can be reduced after applying Aloe Vera cream immediately after getting your skin burnt and it even prevent skin peeling at all. However, skin peeling depends on how intense the UV rays or how deep the sunburn is. It also depends on the skin type and how soon you treated your sun burnt skin with Aloe Vera cream.

To avoid intense skin peeling during beach trips or sunbathing, you have to protect your skin from UV rays by using sunscreen and bring Aloe Vera cream. It’s better to have an Aloe Vera cream handy to prevent or lessen skin peeling.

How to Deal with Skin Peeling With Aloe Vera Cream

Skin Peeling Aloe Cream

If your skin is peeling already after sunburn, there’s a great way to deal with it.

  1. Clean your skin very gently with a light cleanser and rinse it off with cool water. It wil remove skin debris and unwanted bacteria from your skin.
  2. You can also soak your skin in cool water or apply a cool and wet compress.
  3. Apply a generous amount of Aloe Vera Cream. Rub the cream and let it your peeling skin absorbs in. You can even keep the cream in the fridge before applying for a cool sensation.
  4. Apply the cream regularly. However, it is not recommended to clean your skin regularly. It can be done a few times a day but not too often.
  5. Remember not to use cosmetics or any chemical substances on the affected skin. It can add more damage or block the pores.
  6. Drink lots of water.

Remember that in order to avoid skin peeling, applying a sunscreen with SPF half an hour before sun exposure and re-applying every after 2 hours or every after sweating or getting wet is very important.  An Aloe skin cream is also helpful in preventing skin peeling, that’s why it’s advisable that you bring a cream handy before your go to the beach.

In order to have a beautiful and healthy skin, you have to keep your skin moisturized by using skin creams that contain natural ingredients and vitamins like Aloe Vera. The key natural ingredient is Aloe Vera extract. It has hydrating and soothing properties that helps skin moist and healthy at all times.

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